Official Launch: Monday, July 14, 2014
10 am EST

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  • Fast paced PowerPoint tutorials created to teach users to make videos using PowerPoint quickly and easily.

  • Focused on how to create videos that make money.

  • Only the info people need, nothing more

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Price: $14.95

Commisions 60%

Affiliate program handled through JV Zoo.

More Revenue Potential/Back End

Four additional related products are included in the sales funnel as various upsells and downsells.

Animation Sensation Character Set - A collection of high quality, high resolution animated 6 characters, each with over 50 animated images, created specifically for use in PowerPoint.
$27 - 50%

Electric Video End Cards - A collection of end card (aka "outro") templates, including over 100 in PowerPoint format.
$17 - 50% commisions

EZ Video Dynamo - A collection of video resources, include 6 quality "explainer" PowerPoint templates buyers can use to quickly create explainer videos for themselves and clients.
$17 - 50%

Steal That Viideo! - 3 different systems for using Youtube videos other people make to make money. All 3 systems are legal and ethical.
$17 - 50%

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From Absolute Noob to Video Making Pro Made Easy
Step by step system to making marketing videos
Battling the video making blues? Here's the cure.
Can you handle the truth about making videos?
Get Exactly What It Takes To Be A Video Making Master
Everyone's doing video and you can too
Finally! A fast and easy video creation system revealed.
The Insider's Guide To Creating Videos That Get Results
Fast and Easy Steps To Make Effective Videos
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Wonder What It's Like to Be a Video Pro?
Meet the Video Maker's 'Secret Weapon
Easy Tricks for Creating Videos
A Poor Man's Guide: How to Make Videos That Work
How I Make Videos and You Can Too
Just sit back, relax, and make great videos
Your video creation worries are finally over because... 
Why Aren't You Making Videos?

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Hi [name],

You've probably heard by now how powerful video marketing is.

But, the trouble with video marketing is actually making the videos in the first place. After all, the first step in video marketing is creating videos.

PowerPoint King Tuts is an awesome new learning system that teaches you how to make effective videos using PowerPoint.

It was created by an expert video marketer for video marketers.

PowerPoint King Tuts includes everything you need to make videos quickly and easily, and nothing you don't need. The training is fast and to the point. You won't waste your time watching long, boring training videos.

There's multiple ways to make money from your videos. You can use them to build a long-term passive revenue stream.

You can create tutorials with them and sell them.

You can also use them to help sell your own products.

Making and selling videos to clients can also be extremely profitable, and PowerPoint King Tuts will teach you how to make effective videos the fastest and easiest way.

PowerPoint is the best tool for making review videos, "how to" and tips videos, as well as "explainer" videos.

And PowerPoint King Tuts is priced much lower than other video training courses.

Right now it's priced very low, but I'm not sure how long the low price will last or how long it will be available.

For more info, check out PowerPoint King Tuts now before this awesome offer ends at:


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