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     Friday, 09/22/2023 

Premium Video Making and IM Resources

Speak Easies Vol 1 - Big collection of animated characters that add a "talking" spokesman to your videos.

Watch this short 54 second video to see
a few Speak Easies in action:

Remember, the video above shows just a few of your Speak Easies talking characters. Be sure to check them all out here.

Speak Easies Vol 2 - Even more great Speak Easies animated characters to add to your collection..

Speak Easies Vol 3 - Coming soon.

The Video Gap - Step by step system for creating scripts for videos that get real results.

PowerPoint King Tuts - The fastest and easiest way to use PowerPoint to creating marketing videos. Just the stuff you need to know without wasting your time.

Animation Sensation - Vast collection of animated characters that express a number of emotions and movements. Add them to your videos to exploit "trigger emotions" for maximum marketing results.

Steal That Video! - Three different ways to use Youtube videos other people make for fun and profit...mostly profit. Totally legal and ethical.

EZ Video Dynamo - Ready-made PowerPoint templates that create video squeeze pages and explainer videos. It's easy...just customize the text and you're ready to go.

Explainer Media Kit - Lots and lots of video making media in a variety of formats, including animated characters and backgrounds. Makes your videos faster, easier and better.

The Warrior Forum's High Voltage Video Forum - I'm the moderator and chief content creator of the Warrior Forum's High Voltage Video Forum.

Be sure to join me and all the gang at the High Voltage Video Forum for tons and tons of tips, videos, secret techniques, tools and methods for marketing and making videos.

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Exclusive Freebies & Free Downloads

Dyno 5000 - Automatic Video Squeeze Page Generator. Just add a URL for a Youtube video your custom info, select a "skin" and let the Dyno 5000 create a great looking video squeeze page for you instantly and automatically.

The Ultimate Infographics Report - The biggest and baddest collection of infographic tools, tips and info on the planet.

Kurt's Youtube Marketing Daily Planner
- This is an advanced marketing plan for promoting your Youtube videos using Social Media networks. It's for DO'ers only!

Multiply Your Moolah - Discover cutting edge techniques to get the very most from all your website traffic. Discover how to get more optins, increase your videos sales and much more.

Screenplay Template - Here's a basic, easy to use template to help you write better scripts for your videos. For more advanced scripts for videos that get results, be sure to check out The Video Gap System.

Kurt's Blue Ribbon Video Resources - The best of the best FREE and cheap video making resources. Includes the very best places to find stock video, images, clipart, music and sound effects. With these resources you'll be able to make better videos more quickly and easily.

Winter and Christmas Video Backgrounds - I took some excellent Public Domain images from sites like Pixabay.com and added a snow "over lay" to really jazz them up. They are in video MP4 format.

2400 Power Phrases for Selling - Use these phrases as inspiration for your Youtube video titles, sales headlines, email subject lines or whenever you want to maximize your results.

Social Media Tool Kit - Tons of resources and information to take your social marketing to the next level and beyond.

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