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Launch Date: Tuesday April 5, 2016 at 10:00 AM Eastern

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There are two prices for this product:
$17.95 personal use rights
$22 for developer rights.
Both are in the same JVZoo funnel with about 15 of my other products. If you've been approved for any of them, you are be approved for all of them.

Introduction to Face To Face Animations and Character Kit

Speak Easies Face To Face is a big collection of animated faces, eyes and mouths that people can add to make clipart "speak" and come alive.

There's also a "character kit" containing a wide variety of clipart that's ready for owners to add Face To Face animations to create animated characters and mascots. Along with being able to use their own clipart, there's virtually an unlimited number of characters and mascots your customers can create.

Click below to watch this short 2 minute video to check 'em out...

See the Face To Face Sales Page for more quick example videos using the Face To Face animations and images included in the character kit, plus additional info:


Commissions 60%

Price: $17.95 x 60% = $10.77 net profit per sale.
Price: $22 x 60% = $13.20 net profit per sale.

Affiliate program handled through JV Zoo.

Again, there are a number of other video related products in this sales funnel ranging from about $15-$27.95 at 50-60%. If you are approved for one, you can sell them all.

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Face to Face Affiliate Sign Up Page (JVZoo)

Email Subject Lines and Web Page Headlines:
How to make PowerPoint videos talk to your audience.
Got a minute? Make your videos talk!
Make Clipart Talk
How To Make an Unlimited Number of Animated Mascots and Characters
Battling the video making blues? Here's the cure.

If You Are Really, Really Tired of Trying to Make Cool Videos...
How to make your boring clipart come to life
Finally! A fast and easy way to make your videos talk
The Insider's Guide To Creating Videos That Get Results
Fast and Easy Steps To Make Effective Videos
The Ultimate Video Graphics Tool
Johnny Has Suffered From Making Bad Videos for 3 Years
You're About to Discover the Easiest Way To Create Animated Characters

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Here's a great new animated mascot making system called "Face To Face". It's a collection of animated faces that makes your clipart "talk" to your video viewers. There's also a bunch of animated eyes and mouths that makes your clipart come "alive" and totally enhances your videos.

Plus, there's tons and tons of public domain clipart to make it fast and easy for you to add an animated Face To Face image that will give static graphics instant personality and impact.

The collection is too large to mention everything here, but you'll find people, animals, food and drink, plus a lot more images. Combine them with Face To Face animated GIFs for virtually unlimited and unique animated characters and mascots.

See for yourself how cool this is. Check out the entire collection here:

Here's just a few ideas on how you can use them in your videos:

Use the food and drink images for a number of niches...health, diet, cooking, kitchen appliances, restaurants, etc. You can use animals for food and restaurants too. Such as the animated lobster I used in one of the example videos would be a fantastic mascot for a seafood restaurant...the animated chili pepper for a Mexican food restaurant or a Mexico vacation video, etc.

Some things are cultural. For example, in the USA an owl is thought of as being wise. An elephant never forgets, etc. A pig is often thought of here as being a glutton, and this doesn't have to apply to only food. All these images and more are included.

Some of the monsters can be used to convey a message of "don't be afraid". Fear is a powerful emotional trigger. Use a friendly monster to persuade your viewers you can help them over-come any fears they may have about your offers.

Many of the fish could be used for a fishing niche video or aquariums. You can use any of the sea creatures for selling sailing or cruises.

Other animals can be used for pet supplies, pet stores, pet health and nutrition, dog training, etc. Some animals could be used as mascots for travel guides like a tiger for India, a panda for China, a bear for Canada, etc.

Skulls can be used to indicate danger. Avoiding danger is another powerful trigger emotion. And danger doesn't have to be physical. It can be used to sell identity protection services, home security, financial crisis, poison remedies, etc. An animated skull character will greatly help stimulate trigger emotions.

Use an image of a trophy to indicate that someone will "win" if they use your product, service or sign up for your email list. Have your smiling trophy reinforce your text and/or voice message. For example, "Buy my stuff and you'll be a winner too!". I know that's a bad example, but you get the idea.

Use sad faces when discussing a problem and happy faces when you give them a solution. A smiling, happy face can be used a lot, like when you have a call to action in a video to click a link, either in a Youtube annotation or in a video description or even in a video used in an email squeeze page. Use a smiling face in your "end card" to tell folks to subscribe to your Youtube channel.

It's been proven scientifically that when people view an emotion, their brain actually feels that emotion. So when you use a smiling character, people are very likely to feel happy themselves. Associate this happiness with the action you want them to take. And an animated smile will be far more effective than a static smile, especially in your videos.

There's a couple of nurse faces, medicine bottles and a pill that can be used for anything health related. There's also a nurse hat that can be added to many of the animals and other faces and images too. In the accessories folder, there's bandages you can put on characters, and a couple of thermometers to indicate sickness, etc.

These are just a few suggestions on how you can use your Face To Face animations along with the character kit to quickly and easily take your videos to a whole new level.

PS. Check out the entire Face To Face animations and Character Kit collection...and get them while you still can.


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