The Explainer Media Kit is a vast assortment of resources designed to help you make better marketing videos faster and easier.

Animated Character Set

Nurse Jenn

Every character has 13 different poses, and a variety of emotions and come in an assortment of file types.
MP4 - Two for each pose per character.
PNG - 13 for each character.
SVG - 13 for each character
SWF - 13 animations for each character. A number of SWF animations have two poses, facing left and facing right, to give you the utmost control in video programs without good control.
SWF ActionScript 3 - Explaindio - The SWFs animations also have a version using the latest SWF/Flash coding so they work and play in Explaindio.

Explainer Kit CTA Demo

Explainer Media Kit Frames Overlays Examples

Extra Sketch "Brushes" Demo

24 Cartoon Backgrounds in a variety of file formats
43 Frames/Overlays
126 Texture Backgrounds
24 Winter Backgrounds
21 Extra "hands" or "brushes" for scribe and sketch programs. Each extra brush has two versions for Sparkol VideoScribe. Explaindio only needs one version for a custom brush.

Blue Ribbon Resources

19 CallToAction

253 Web Icons in a variety of formats