What's an End Card?

An end card is a short video or still image, you add to the end of your main video to encourage viewers to take a specific action. They can also be called "end slates", "intros" or "outros".

I use the term "end card" very liberally. For the strategies below, sometimes an end card can be the entire video. And sometimes you can put an "end" card at the "beginning" of a video.

Generally speaking, when added to the end of a video, end cards are around 10-20 seconds long.

The main goals for creating an end card is to encourage viewers of your video:
  • to subscribe to your Youtube channel.
  • to like or comment on your video
  • to call a phone number
  • to click a link
  • to view another video

Why Do You Need End Cards?

Good end cards make it obvious and make it easy for your viewers to know what to do.

End cards are the Youtube marketer's almost magic "results multiplier". End cards will get you more traffic, subscribers, clicks, video views and put lots more money in your pocket. But you need to make it obvious and make it easy for your viewers to take your most desired action.

Good end cards are really one of the heavyweights of all the Youtube marketing tactics. Yet they are rarely discussed by video marketers or used effectively (if at all). We'll discus them now.

Youtube Encourages You To Use End Cards!

This is what Youtube has to say about end cards:

"Put video links at the end of your video: When viewers reach the end of a video they are confronted with the question “what shall I watch next?”. We recommend adding links at the end of your video so as to present these users with a set of links to related content (either yours or others’). Some YouTube creators find this a very effective way to cross-promote their content and to drive additional views."

Don't Be A Video Marketing Wimp.

If you are using Youtube as a marketing tool of any kind, don't be afraid to ask for what you want your viewers to do.

Study after study shows that including a good "call to action" in your videos will get you much better results. Once more, you need to make it obvious and make it easy for your people to take your most desired action.

Some people think it's rude to tell other people what to do. But marketing isn't a charm school. It's about getting results.

End cards help you get the most desired response from your viewers much more effectively.

Examples of End Cards:

There's an endless number of ways to design an end card. However, from a marketing point of view, our end cards must contain at least one call to action.

In the example end card below, there are actually three different calls to action that can be used on a Youtube video:
  1. Like
  2. Comment
  3. Subscribe.
Usually, you will only want to use one or maybe two calls to action, but these three can be combined once in a while.

We could also add some simple animations to the text and a voice over, etc., as in this example video:

The video above is a good example of an end card designed to encourage social signals on Youtube and can be used on multiple videos.

Use A Variety Of Styles of End Cards

Sometimes simple is the best way to go. Other times humor or animation may work best.

And still other times, "cheesy" can work the best and your end cards don't have to be fancy or classy or "professional looking" to get the best results. You will want to always be open to new designs for end cards and pay attention to them on Youtube when you see them.

Use End cards!
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You can, and you should, add your own end cards to virtually every video you make. Youtube is giving you the ability to have a video clip that you can use to promote a variety of things and actions.

The last 10-20 seconds of your video should be dedicated and designed to encourage a specific action.

This is a massive opportunity many Youtube marketers miss. After people watch your video and before Youtube shows their own end card, you should add your end card containing a "call to action" for viewers of your videos to take.

Annotations Gives Videos Clickable Hot Spots

Annotations are areas of a video that Youtube lets you add some special interactive features. For example, you can select an area of a video, or the entire video for that matter, and if a viewer clicks on that area, they will go to another video or be automatically subscribed to your channel.

You create end cards on your computer using graphics and video programs. However, you create annotations online on Youtube after you upload the videos.

After a video is uploaded, you just open it online in your Youtube channel's Video Editor. Then you select your video and choose:
  1. What area of the video? All or just a part of the video?
  2. How long do you want the annotation to appear? Starting after a minute? Only for the last 30 seconds? Or for the entire video?
  3. What do you want to happen when someone clicks the annotation? Do you want them to subscribe to your channel automatically? Have a link that takes them to a page on your web site? Watch your most profitable video on Youtube?

When designing end cards, you want to keep in mind how will your end card work with the annotations you'll add later.

Two Reasons Reasons Why Annotations Are So Important

#1 Annotations can be changed, your Youtube videos can't.  Once you upload a video to Youtube, you have very little control to change your videos later. However, you can change, add, delete, move and modify annotations at any time.

#2 Annotations are truly interactive and you are in control of the activity.
Your Youtube videos allow you some serious control and benefits. When a video plays, it's the main focus of the page and Youtube lets you add links and other interactivity right in the video.

Annotations even give you the ability to add links to pages to your own web pages directly on your Youtube videos. Just "associate" your Youtube channels with your own websites and you can add links right in the videos themselves.

Youtube is Trying to Help YOU Get
More Traffic to YOUR Own Pages!

If you already have your own site it only takes a few minutes to set up so that you can have links to your sites in the videos. But most "marketers" are too lazy. You really need clickable links right on your videos to send the most people possible to your pages.

Don't tell people to "click on the link below this video"!

Instead, tell them to "click here" right in the video itself!

Well designed end cards on Youtube that focus attention on clickable annotations to your web pages is simply one of the best traffic driving methods in modern Internet marketing. You will very likely see much higher click-through rates using annotations than you will adding links in the video descriptions.

Advanced Marketing Optimization Secret Using End Cards Made Easy

The image below is an example of how a very simple technique to use when making an end card that has the potential to greatly increase clicks, while also increasing the ability to target different people.


You should be able to see how powerful this strategy is. Give your viewers a clear choice between two distinct options.

Brainstorm ideas on how you can segment your viewers to not only be a more effective marketer, but also a more helpful marketer. Here's some suggestions:

Diet: Gain weight or lose weight?
Insurance: Over 45 or Under 45? Male or female?
Guitar Players: Left Handed or Right Handed?
Pet Vitamins: Dog or Cat?

Using end cards to target different groups not only lets you target each group better with offers, content and conversation, it can also give you two separate optin lists, each larger than if you didn't segment your clicks. You may find you'll get two lists instead of one, and each of the two are bigger and better. Powerful stuff.

Mirror Your People

Youtube gives some pretty good stats concerning the demographics of their viewers. Once you have a few videos uploaded to a channel, check your stats to see who is watching them.  Are your channel's viewers men or women? Old or young?

Then "mirror" that person with an image of a person that fits the same general profile. If the biggest segment of your channle's audience is women aged 24-35, then use an image of a woman in the same age group in your end cards for that channel. If your Youtube channel's audience is older men, use a picture of older men in your end cards. Business people? Use business people.

This is why it is so important to have access to a wide variety of images of people to use in your end cards. You want to be able to "mirror" as many groups of people as possible.

The Essential End Card Marketing Collections:

I've put together a couple of end card packages available for download below that will take your Youtube marketing to another level. Included are a collection of end card templates.

Here's a video showing just a small sample of the end cards included in your download:

Each End Card Template Has Three Formats For Your Convenience, Ease and Power

Each end card included in your download package comes in three different format. The variety of the end cards and the  formats allow you to choose the best option for you. Do you want?
  • Ready right now?
  • Fast and easy to do simple customization?
  • Ability to totally customize and animate?

JPG - Static ready to use, fast and easy. Some are easy to modify with any graphics program, others are ready-to-use. You can add them in any slideshow or video editing software too.

Video (MP4) - Strategically and subtlety animated video files. Some ready to go so you can use them in seconds. Some are easy for you to add text and effects in any video editing program so you can quick customizing when you need.

PowerPoint - These are Powerpoint ppxt files. Use Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 or 2013 with these end card templates to customize text, backgrounds, colors, animations and more. All the images of the people have transparent backgrounds so you can easily swap backgrounds.  Easily make end cards look, feel and act how you want them to.

Increase Viewer Actions With Natural Attention Grabbers Built In

The first step in designing a great end card is to get the attention of the people. The second step is getting the people to take action.

Your end card template download package uses a number of techniques proven to attract attention and increase action, including:
  • Smiling Human Faces
  • Movement/Motion
  • Size
  • Voice/Speech
  • Arrows
  • Annimations
  • Vibrant Eye-Catching Colors
  • And Many More

Options To Customize Or Use "Right Out of the Box"

Each package contains an assortment of templates that are ready to use and other templates that are best for customizing. Whether you need something right now or need a custom video, you'll get it in your Electric End Cards kit.

Tips, Tricks and Cool Techniques

You'll also learn advanced, unique and one of a kind tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness of your end cards to get more subscribers, more clicks and make more money.

Be Legal! This IS a Big Deal!

If you use images, you better not infringe on copyrights. I purchased a developers license for the images of the models and can include them in your end card templates. You can use these images in your own end card projects. (However, you can't use them in your clients' projects.)

Some People Respond Better to Voice - Add Professional Voice Overs With 6 Popular Youtube "Call To Actions" To Your End Cards:

Adding a voice over that includes a call to action can help increase the effectiveness of the end card. Mix audio and video when possible. It's easy to add your own voice message to any of the templates.

However, if you want something quick, easy and instant, in a couple of the downloads (see below), I've included male and female versions for six of the most common calls to action you'll need for Youtube marketing. (The pitch means high, medium or deep voice, so each sounds like a totally different person.)

Available "Call To Action" Voice-Over Sound Clips

Call To Action

Need more info? Call us at this number now.
Male High Pitch Male Medium Pitch Male Deep Pitch Female High Pitch Female Medium Pitch Female Deep Pitch
Click this link now to discover the best deals and specials. Male High Pitch Male Medium Pitch Male Deep Pitch Female High Pitch Female Medium Pitch Female Deep Pitch
Want more? Click this link now for more information, secrets, tips and tricks. Male High Pitch Male Medium Pitch Male Deep Pitch Female High Pitch Female Medium Pitch Female Deep Pitch
Please comment, like and subscribe to this video. Thanks! Male High Pitch Male Medium Pitch Male Deep Pitch Female High Pitch Female Medium Pitch Female Deep Pitch
Click the subscribe button now. Male High Pitch Male Medium Pitch Male Deep Pitch Female High Pitch Female Medium Pitch Female Deep Pitch
Click to watch this featured related video now. Male High Pitch Male Medium Pitch Male Deep Pitch Female High Pitch Female Medium Pitch Female Deep Pitch

( If you do the math, that's six different versions of the six different phrases, or 36 total mp3 files.)

Special: Includes The Multiple Your Moolah Marketing Methods Manual

Your download also includes my extreme methods for multiplying clicks, email list subscribers, money and more. These techniques and tools are easy to use and when combined are one of the most effective ways to increase the efficiency of just about any online marketing campaign.

1 Why you should never send traffic to an affiliate link without doing this first.

2 How to use a popular "black hat" tool in a totally legit and ethical way. And it flat out makes you tons more money.

3 How doing this one simple thing can build two bigger and better email lists of different people from the very same traffic.

4 How to double, triple and even quadruple the results of your web marketing efforts.

Get More Youtube Views, More Clicks To Your Offers and And More Channel Subscribers The Scientific Way.

Three high value end card packages available for download:

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PowerPoint Versions
Special Bonus: General Purpose
Animated "Cheesy" End Cards
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Multiply Your Moolah Profit Multiplying System

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Electric Video End Cards

  • A video editor such as Camtasia, Sony Vegas, or Windows Live Movie Maker  (which is very likely already installed on your computer for free).
  • PowerPoint 2010 or 2013 REQUIRED to use the PowerPoint templates. Powerpoint 2013 has a free 30 day trial, then only $10 a month if you want to keep it. Probably my favorite program for making videos for video marketing.
  • A graphics editor to modify the jpg versions of the end card templates, such as Photoshop, Gimp or Paint (which is already installed on your computer).
  • Youtube account(s).

If you use Youtube, or plan to in the future,
you need Electric End Cards.

Be Legal - I purchased rights to the model images so that you can legally use them too.

Get more subscribers and clicks and make more money.

Fast and easy - Select from an assortment of end cards that are ready "right out of the box", or easily customize the Powerpoint templates and MP4 files.

Learn potent techniques to make your own highly effective end cards.

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Electric Video End Cards

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