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The Fantastic Four is a collection of four extremely robust resources that will turn you into a video marketing power-house.

1. Video SEO Thunder 2015
2. Social Media
Tool Kit

3. The Daily Planner
4. Multiply Your Moolah

The ultimate guide to ranking and getting more views on YouTube
Tons and tons of social marketing tip, tools and resources.
Day by day guide to setting up your own potent marketing network.
Cutting-edge guide to getting the most out of your traffic and clicks.

The information and resources included in this unique collection will:
  • Give you higher YouTube rankings
  • Maximize your Social Marketing presence
  • Expand your marketing network
  • Multiple the impact of your traffic and increase your revenue

Video SEO Thunder, The Ultimate Guide to Youtube VSEO and High Rankings for 2015, is the foundation of the Video Marketing Fantastic Four. It is the most complete, intense, and useful resource for ranking videos on YouTube and getting views and traffic on the Net. I guarantee it.

This is NOT your typical "put your keywords in your titles and tags" advice. It's extreme Youtube optimization that takes you far beyond just the basics.

If you do any type of Youtube marketing, Video SEO Thunder is essential. You'll discover tips, tricks and strategies that will make you an expert in how to get better rankings and more viewers to your Youtube videos.

It's a fantastic investment that can pay for itself time and time again, whether you're a newbie or an old pro.

Here's what people just like you are saying about Video SEO Thunder:

I am ranking YouTube videos myself for about three years now and make a solid 4-figure per month income and I am always looking for new information on video seo and stuff like that.

What Kurt has created here with all his experience and through all the years can be considered as the YouTube SEO Bible“. No hype!

Kurt's course is like a encyclopedia, stuffed with nothing but information. There is no fluff. You will learn all the basics and a lot of advanced stuff. Some of the information was even new to me and I have never seen it before anywhere.

To make a long story short, this is by far the best ebook on YouTube SEO.

It is a must have, if you think you already know everything about video SEO and if you are new to the game: buy it, read it, start ranking your videos….read it again, improve, store it on your hard drive…read it again in six month….do you get it?

Rene Glasow


There's so much information and resources in this report,
it's taking me quite a while to go through it all, and I'm still not done!

There are tons of excellent tips and helpful suggestions in this product,
and I'm having many "aha" moments when reading this.

This is definitely not just a report that you simply read and put away,
it's a complete detailed blue print and action plan of things that you must do,
if you want to significantly improve your video rankings and receive more views.

It's great to see a high quality no fluff report of this caliber.
Thanks for creating this and making it available to the public!

Ok, gotta go! I'm off to dominate YouTube using this information."

Arnold Stotling
Toronto Canada


Kurt...holy smokes that thing is comprehensive. I can't think of a single question I had that you left unanswered. You truly did turn over every stone.

Is it a bit overwhelming? Yes. But it's all substance and no fluff. And the importance ratings help negate most of the overwhelm. Anyway, I can't imagine how long it would take for someone to figure all of this stuff out on their own. The value of the time invested in trying to learn this on your own would far exceed the price you're asking.

I really enjoyed the sections on increasing session watch time and viewer retention. The tips on descriptions, tags, and playlists were very helpful as well.

All of the information was very easy to follow and consume. Well done."

Lance K.


When it comes to ANYTHING regarding SEO, Kurt Melvin is one of the original niche master. I pride myself on knowing everything about SEO myself (been doing it since 1997) but Kurt taught even me a few powerful techniques over the years!

Kurt is one of the few SEO experts I can wholeheartedly recommend - there is virtually none finer. Highly recommended!

Barb Ling
New Jersey


I was a really skeptical because I thought I knew a lot about how to optimize youtube videos. But after reading VSEO Thunder I was stunned to learn how much I really didn't know.

This is by far the most amazing youtube ranking guide I've ever seen-bar none. Worth 10x the price.

Kimberly L.
Orange, CA

Video SEO Thunder is well put together it has a mountain of links and information which goes into very detailed explanations of everything, if your looking to get into video marketing or improve your knowledge, then this is a must get report. Its taught me some interesting aspects I didn’t know or not thought of, So thanks to Kurt for an excellent well put together report.

Paul Collins


First of all I would like to say that the report is BRILLIANT.

If you're looking for rock solid and complete information about ranking your videos on YouTube then Kurt’s latest report, “The Ultimate Guide to Youtube VSEO and High Rankings for 2015” is a must read.

This report not only explains the why but most importantly the how… it is brilliantly written, and is a great report to read and keep on hand to know how to rank your videos on YouTube.

Philip Higginso


I have just about every guide on video marketing but found some really good and new ideas to help with results from video marketing. It is a very comprehensive guide on many ways to get the best results from your videos.

Every possible method has been covered as far as I know and believe me I get just about every video marketing training going.

You will learn the best ways to set up your channels, videos, descriptions and playlists for maximum results. There are many tips on how to get maiximum views from your videos and get the best conversions.

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on video marketing you can't go wrong with this 2015 guide.

John Sullivan
London or Brazil


If you have this report, you does not need any other course for making money from video. I know that I've made an bold statement but I am not able to find out any other way to explain my enthusiasm about this report. and I am not affiliate to this report.

This is the single best thing I 've found online regarding video SEO. Kurt clearly explain that there is no single best way to earn money. So he mentioned many ways to rank your video on google search engine and youtube.

Sanjay Sharma

If you are into video marketing or thinking about it I guess you NEED this course....

And What a course!!

There are MANY techniques Kurt teaches in his report that when implemented you will see your video gain momentum, get more traffic and hopefully sales.

There are a few nuggets I had not seen before so its a great addition to my video marketing portfolio

I also think Kurt is an excellent guy to learn from he always answers questions and genuinely cares about his customers

Good work Kurt

Marcus Passey
Kent UK

There's a lot of youtube SEO guides out there that cover the basics and then turn it around by ending on "it's up to you to create amazing content to ultimately get seen". Kurt on the other hand is upfront and realistic about what works, and what doesn't based on his years of working in SEO. That makes for a great handbook guide to beginners or professionals to have to fall back on when you need to evaluate strategy.

After years of working in TV and new media, I have seen how fast Youtube has changed as a platform, and in this guide Kurt goes a step farther to explain how you could take on the youtube numbers game. While content is important, the youtube ecosystem has now become dictated by it's own platform, which Kurt addresses in this guide in a non technical way. This is an important part that alot of guides don't cover as they are mostly rehashed information from the youtube creators handbook.

Overall, The Ultimate Guide to Youtube VSEO and High Rankings for 2015” by Kurt Melvin is a great tool to have for your long term Youtube strategy, and has been my go to guide on multiple occasions.

Scott Kushman
Scott Kushman Award Winning TV Producer, Comedian, Host, Screenwriter, & Voice Over Actor


You know i've purchased and read a LOT of reports on ranking videos, and video seo and none of them contained the information i found inside Kurt's Vseo report.

Oh My Goodness! I learned so many new things i cannot tell you and Kurt filled in the blanks on questions i had after reading other people's reports. That's gold my friends. You can spend and spend on learning materials and be left with questions or you can buy Kurt's stuff. Don't mess around if you buy video creation and promotion training.

And if that were not enough there's tips and tricks enough to blow your mind. If you want something COMPREHENSIVE instead sketchy and still get the low down and the dirty little secrets too this IS the one. Do Get it!

Claire Koch

Exploiting social media is essential in today's marketing environment, especially for video marketing. Building your social media assets creates built-in audiences for your Youtube videos, and is extremely beneficial in a number of other ways.

The great thing about using social media is that it not only is good for search engine optimization, it also let's you build audiences, killing two birds with one stone.

The Social Media Tool Kit is a handy reference guide with links to tons of the very best tools and information I've collected over the years, all in one place for your convenience. 

The Daily Planner is a "how to" guide that gives you a step-by-step action plan to building a powerful marketing network using free resources. Modern Internet marketing means having a presence in as many places as possible and the Daily Planner gives you the most effective places you need to be to really dominate.

Quick Tip: Use your social media accounts to promote and link to your network to build "link juice" and send traffic to your network assets.

"Moolah" means money and to multiply your moolah means making more money. Multiply Your Moolah shows you how to get the maximum results from your marketing efforts, squeezing every opportunity from your traffic and views.

Here's just on example. Let's say you have a site or newsletter and you send traffic to an affiliate program. A great affiliate program may convert 5% of the traffic you send. That's just 5 people out of 100. What do you do with the 95% of the people that didn't buy? Multiply Your Moolah shows exactly what you need to do to maximize your traffic.

Making more money is a combination of getting more traffic, then getting the most from the traffic you do get. If you can get twice the results from your Youtube videos and social traffic, you can make twice as much money from the same number of people.

Multiply Your Moolah is another great investment that will pay for itself over and over.

Let's sum up everything you're getting:

Video SEO Thunder - The ultimate guide to video optimization so you get the very most from Youtube. You'll be a VSEO expert in no time.

Social Media Tool Kit - My favorite resources and sites for the best information concerning the most popular social media sites. Social media builds links, social signals and audiences, and this report is filled to the brim with the best of the best.

The Daily Planner - A step by step guide to building your own powerful video marketing network using free online resources.

Multiply Your Moolah - How to make even more money from your video views and social traffic using simple, cutting edge techniques.

Immediate download.
You get everything. No upsells!

Video SEO
                Thunder 2015

No risk full 30 day money back guarantee

Fair Warning: I reserve the right to end this offer at any time.

Thanks and take care,

Kurt Melvin


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