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Launch Date: Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013 - 10:00 AM EST


"Steal That Video" is a comprehensive training package that teaches how to take advantage of videos other people make and post on Youtube.

It teaches 3 different methods to exploit videos other people make, and each way is legal, ethical and even encouraged by Youtube.

Also included are exclusive marketing tips for taking full advantage of videos other people make, as well as useful custom graphics, special reports, another training course showing how to make your own videos, and more.


Affiliate program handled through JV Zoo.

Price: $17
Commissions: 50%

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  • Let Everyone Else Make The Videos. You Make The Money!
  • These Are Some Of The Best Kept Secrets In The Video Marketing World.
  • Making Videos Got You Down? Here's The Solution.
  • How To Take The Headache Out Of Video Marketing
  • A Treasure Chest Of The Best And Easiest Video Marketing Tips On The Net.
  • The Quickest And Easiest Way To Succeed At Video Marketing!
  • Easily Overcome The Biggest Obstacle For Video Marketing!
  • You don't have to make videos yourself to make money and get tons of traffic from Youtube!
  • Discover How Easy It Is To Make Money Exploiting YouTube Using Videos Other People Create!
  • You're About To Uncover How Video Marketing Pros Make Lots Of Money And Get Tons Of Traffic Using Videos Other People Create. 
  • Battling the video making blues? Here's the cure. 
  • If You Are Really, Really Tired of Trying to Make Videos... 
  • Video Marketing Without Making Videos
  • You're About to Discover the Easiest Way To Create Videos
  • Sneaky Insider Tricks to Make Videos Faster 
  • Solving the Mystery of Making Videos
  • Make Your Videos More Successful 
  • If I could teach you just one thing about making videos it would be this...
  • Meet the Video Maker's 'Secret Weapon' 
  • Easy Tricks for Exploiting Videos Other People Make
  • How I Make Videos and You Can Too
  • Your video creation worries are finally over because... 
  • Can you imagine being a video making pro in just 10 minutes?

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"Steal That Video" is the ultimate training course that teaches 3 different ways you can use videos other people make to make money and get more traffic. All three methods are totally legal and ethical, and all are even encouraged by YouTube.

They make the videos.

You make the money!

"Steal That Video" also includes unique video marketing tips and many other resources to help users get maximum results, without having to actually create any videos themselves.

This training course will benefit video pros and newbies alike and is an essential tool for all video marketers to add to their tool box.

There's lots more information, tools and resources included in the "Steal That Video" course, so be sure to check it out:


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