I put together this unique PowerPoint package just for my email subscribers and members of the High Voltage Video Forum.

I'm not sure if it will be available to the public, but if it is, it will definitely be at a higher price.

Did you know you can create Videos and Video Sales letters automatically from simple text files using PowerPoint?

Included in the VIP package are 3 quick, fast and easy training videos that shows you step by step just how easy it is to take any text file and turn it into a video.

If you can type, you can make videos with PowerPoint. I'll show you how.

There's some video sales letter software programs being promoted by the usual Internet marketers. The programs take text and convert the text to videos. These programs probably do what they say they will do.

However, they are expensive and you really don't need them.

Plus, PowerPoint has tons of other features that the other video programs don't have that let you adds lots of cool effects, colors and formatting to your video projects.

If you want to make videos from text files, PowerPoint will do it for you.

Also included is my "PowerPoint King Tuts" training course that shows you how to make marketing videos using PowerPoint as quickly and easily as possible.

King Tuts is the fastest and easiest way to use PowerPoint to creating marketing videos. Just the stuff you need to know without wasting your time.

Important Note: King Tuts does NOT cover every feature in PowerPoint. Instead, it shows you just what you need to know to get started making effective marketing videos using PowerPoint.

I've sold lots of King Tuts PowerPoint training for $14.95, but you're getting it free in this VIP package.

One of the best things you can do to save time, effort, hassles and headaches is to use high quality, ready-made PowerPoint templates and slides in your videos and presentations.

With slide templates, you don't have to mess with layout, animations or other things.

Just modify the text in the template slides and you're ready to go.

You're also getting THREE different collections of PowerPoint template slides.

First, I bought PLR rights to some pretty good PowerPoint slide.  They claimed to have something like 6000+ slides in the package. However, the reality is, there's just multiple variations of about 90 PowerPoint slides.

I took out all the BS and clutter and wound up with about 70+ slides in 2 different styles each, for a total of 140+ slides. I removed some slides that weren't all the great as well as removed some images of people that I wasn't sure had model releases. You need to be careful with PLR stuff.

I also added two more collections of slides I made myself:

Quick Demo Video: 18 PowerPoint slides using public domain videos from Pixabay.

Quick Demo Video: 17 PowerPoint slides using old school public domain video clips from Archive.org.

Of course, you can find and use your own videos from these resources to use in your own PowerPoint project.

Honestly, I spent days going through tons and tons of videos and picked the best ones to use in marketing videos.

I adjusted the length of the videos, either by clipping them or adjusting the start/stop times in PowerPoint so you don't have to mess with it. I also added styles to many of the Old School videos, as well as added backgrounds and animated text to each.

All you need to do is change a few words in the text and you're ready to go. Or, swap out the backgrounds and/or text for a totally new look. But the foundation is set for you to quickly and easily use them in all your video projects.

Text To Video Sales Letter PowerPoint Training

King Tuts Training Course - How To Make Marketing Videos Using PowerPoint The Fastest and Easiest Way

140 (70 x 2) PowerPoint Slide Templates

17 Old School Video Slides Using Public Domain Videos

18 PowerPoint Slides Using Public Domain Videos

PowerPoint VIP Special

Only $9 for Everything!

Immediate Download.
No upsells. No downsells. No BS.

This offer may end soon and without further notice.

Thank you in advance...
Kurt Melvin


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