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Below is a unique, one of a kind collection of images that will give your video and graphics projects more "pizazz".

Popeye is one of the most popular and beloved cartoons of all time. The Popeye cartoons also had some fantastic artwork.

But did you know many of the animated Popeye cartoons are in the public domain?

I downloaded a bunch of Popeye videos that are in the Public Domain and painstakingly extracted as many backgrounds as I could. I also tried to enhance every as much as possible using Photoshop to improve the quality as much as possible.

NOTE: The animated characters and props are NOT included in this package. I just used them to demonstrate just of few of the endless possibilities for your Popeye Cartoon Backgrounds.

Here's the thumbnails for all the Popeye Cartoon Backgrounds you're getting:

Also included are more than 130 images of animals on transparent backgrounds, so you can add your own background images.

Pictures of animals are great to use in your video and graphics programs. People love animals and by using them in your video and graphic project, you naturally instill good "vibes" in your audiences.

Plus, you don't have to worry about "model releases".

I scoured Pixabay for Public Domain images of animals. I took the best ones and then made the backgrounds transparent so you can add background image or video you want behind them.

Here's a short dumb little video I made to show you just some of the possibilities and how you can use these animal images to adds lots of character to your projects:

The demo video above shows you just how easy it is to create attention grabbing videos of your own. They are also great for other projects like Facebook ads and blog posts.

These animal pics tug at the emotions and make it easy for you to connect your the folks that see your videos and ads.

Here's the thumbnails for about 95 of the animals you're getting...there's about 40 more images in the collection that aren't shown below:

Remember, you're getting 40 more great animal images that aren't shown above as an extra bonus.

Signs are a great way to express an idea to help you get your point across. You're getting a variety of 72 sign images.

For the signs below, I used Pixabay images. I removed the text for you to create "blank" signs so you don't have to mess with this. Just add your text message and add to your video and graphic projects. Easy peasy.

Here's the thumbs:

Here's an example that combines a selection from the Popeye backgrounds and the Animal Transparencies collections:

Using just the right font can really enhance your projects, so you're also getting over 420 typefaces in a variety of fonts, each with the SIL Open Font License.

Be Legal. Be Safe.

Fonts are protected by copyright laws and you can't just use any font you want, especially in commercial projects. The Open Font License means you can legally use these fonts in any and all of your projects. For example, you can create your own graphics with these fonts and sell them, use them in software products...anything you can think of.

I Made These Fonts Easy for You

Sure, you can spend hours and hours finding these fonts. Then you have to download each, unzip every one of them, then open every folder to install the fonts.

I downloaded all 420+ fonts, unzipped them, then moved all the fonts to the same folder, so you can just "select" all the fonts and install them all at once. This will literally save you hours.

This font collection is a well-rounded assortment of high-quality fonts to help give you the perfect look and feel including:
Headline and Display
Sans Serif
Deco and Retro
Old English

Plus a FREE Font Resource Report

Also included in your Font Toolkit is a quick report packed with solid tips and resources for getting the most out of your fonts, including:

  • The Best Free Font Directories

  • Where to Download My Two Favorite FREE Fonts (I even used these fonts on this page for the headline graphics)

  • Where to Find The Best Free Fonts for Commercial Use

  • The Topographer's Secret Font Design Weapons + Where to Get Them for Free and Cheap

  • A Great Collection of Free Online Graphic Text Generators

  • Free Software to Help You Organize Your FontsFree Font Manager Software

  • Tons of Links to Amazing Typography Examples


  • 210 Popeye cartoon enhanced backgrounds to use in your video and graphic projects.

  • Over 130 attention-grabbing images of animals with transparent backgrounds. 

  • 72 sign images customized so they're all ready to go.

  • Over 420 fonts with the SIL Open Font license and conveniently organized to be easy for you to install.

  • FREE Font Resource Report with lots of great font resources.

Personal License
Use in all of your own projects.
Developer License
Use in all of your own projects.
Plus all of your clients' projects too.
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Everything included.
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Public Domain laws are different in each country. The Popeye cartoons I used for the backgrounds are in the Public Domain in the USA. It's up to you to check the laws for the country where you live.

Thanks and take care,

Kurt Melvin