Want to know the REAL secret to making money on YouTube? It's making videos. More specifically, it's being able to create quality videos quickly and easily.

Think about it. You can't get free traffic from YouTube without videos. And the more videos you have, and the better they are, the more money you will make.


My name is Kurt Melvin and I run the Warrior Forum's "High Voltage Video Forum". I've tried and tested dozens of different methods for making videos. While there's different video tools for making different types of videos, I use PowerPoint more than any other program to make money from YouTube videos.

And the reason I use PowerPoint the most? It's because PowerPoint is faster, easier and has more money making opportunities than any other video creation software.


Tut n.  - Internet slang for tutorial

PowerPoint King Tuts are the ultimate tutorials for using PowerPoint to create videos for marketing and making money.

PowerPoint Let's You Make Money Before Spending Money.

PowerPoint 2013 has a FREE 30 day trial. After that, it's only $10 a month and that includes free updates, plus gives you access to all the other programs in Microsoft Office.

PowerPoint is perfect for those on a tight budget but want to enter the lucrative business of video making and marketing, without spending a lot of money.

King Tuts has Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

King Tuts does NOT cover every obscure PowerPoint feature or technique. Instead, you're getting only what you need to pump out quality and profitable videos. I believe you will be much more profitable spending your time making videos, not learning PowerPoint features you either don't need or will never use.

Benefit From Multiple Revenue Streams

Use the videos you'll learn to create for yourself to build long-term passive income or to help sell your own products.

And/Or, sell your PowerPoint videos to customers for quick and healthy profits.

Created by a video marketer for video markers!

Other PowerPoint tutorials are created by graphic designers, with the goal of making fancy videos. However, the entire purpose of King Tuts is to help you create good-looking videos using PowerPoint that make you more money and save you more money.

Exploit a vast array of marketing opportunities - No other program gives you more profit-making potential.

PowerPoint not only lets you make videos, you can also export as PDF and pictures, make infographics, memes and more. This means you can submit your creations not only to YouTube and all the other major video directories, but also document sharing sites, infographic directories, memes sites and much more. You can even take your video voice-overs and create podcasts and submit those to iTunes and all the other podcast directories.

Plus, videos are super hot on all the social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. Did you know that Facebook is now the second largest video watching site on the Internet, behind only YouTube? The only "catch" is, you've got to make videos.

Quite simply, PowerPoint is the most powerful multi-media content creator on the planet.

PowerPoint makes content in a wide variety of formats.
And King Tuts guides you through the
most important places to share your PowerPoint content.

The perfect blend of SEO and social

Google loves YouTube videos. It's much easier to rank a YouTube video in Google than any other media.

Google also loves social media "signals".

And, social media loves video.

Let's not forget to mention the link building opportunities posting videos creates. Statistics show that people are far more likely to link or share a web page that has video embedded on it.

With King Tuts, you'll discover the fastest and easiest ways to make videos so you can take full advantage of these awesome opportunities.

The perfect blend of video and text.

Some things are better demonstrated using video and other things can be better explained using text. For King Tuts, I use both video and text to give you the best of both worlds.

Fast-paced instructions. I don't waste your time.

Tired of training courses that are a bunch of long, drawn out videos? It's as if the creators of these courses are being paid by the minute.

Some even brag about how long their courses are. Unbelievable!

I feel your pain. I respect your time. I made the videos in King Tut short and to the point. Each video was intensely planned and edited so that you get only the info you want and need, without me wasting a single moment of your time.

I promise with King Tuts you'll learn all you need to know
to make excellent videos
using PowerPoint as quickly as possible.

Making Videos With PowerPoint is Fast and Easy.

Learn from my mistake! I thought I'd try to save a few pennies and use a free PowerPoint alternative. This may have been the single biggest mistake I ever made in my video marketing career.

Unlike the free PowerPoint alternatives, both PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 allow you to export your presentations as video files. This feature saves so much blood, sweat and tears the small price of PowerPoint makes it more than worth the hassle of trying to create videos with the alternatives.

In PowerPoint King Tuts, I take you step by step, building on a solid foundation of simple but usefull skills.

01 Basic Skills - Into to PowerPoint for Video Making and Marketing.
✔ If you're brand-new to PowerPoint, you'll learn the basics, plus a little trick I call "the work bench slide" that lets you learn and experiment without the fear of messing anything up.

02 - Audio - Learn How to Record and Insert Audio Files.
Most of your content will often be in your audio voice-overs, and audio is the most under-appreciated aspect of creating quality content.

✔ Think about this...Radio is still going strong, but when was the last time you watched a silent movie? Put your content in your audio and use the visuals to keep  your viewers' interest and direct their focus.

✔ You'll learn the best ways to record audio, plus how to insert audio files into PowerPoint slides and play them automatically.

✔ Learn the easiest way to time your PowerPoint slides to match your audio.

✔ And...you'll learn this simple trick to change your voice so people won't even know it's you! Perfect for you folks that don't like the sound of your own voice, or don't want viewers to know it's you.

03-Video Skills - Working With Video in PowerPoint - Simple But Cool Effects.

✔ Step by step instructions show you how to insert videos into PowerPoint and have them play automatically.
✔ Intro to video effects using PowerPoint. I guide you through simple but exciting options for the videos you add to your PowerPoint slides.
✔ You'll master "The Transparent Text Trick" - Make your text really "pop" with this easy but extra cool effect.

04-Animation Foundation - The Basics of PowerPoint Animations.
✔ Simple and easy techniques for the most effective animations.

✔ How to use basic animations to hold your viewers' interest longer and direct their attention where you want it.

05-Design Tips - Simple But Effective Design Tips for the Artistically Challenged.
✔ Discover two simple tricks anyone can do to make sure you always use colors that match perfectly, even if you're artistically challenged like me.

✔ Plus, you'll know how and where to add pictures and objects on your slides for maximum visual appeal.

06- Using Stock Media is The Pro's Secret Weapon to the Fastest and Easiest Ways To Make Great Videos.

✔ Tips for finding the very best resources for pictures, images, stock video and music, motion backgrounds and more.

✔ How to exploit high quality, ready-made PowerPoint templates. Even if you're brand new to PowerPoint, you can make professional looking videos in minutes.

✔ Plus you'll find expert brainstorming ideas and misc. media tips that are sure to stimulate your creativety.


07-Characters and Mascots - Tips for Utilizing Characters and Mascots in PowerPoint.
✔ Demo of using animated characters in "bare-bones" PowerPoint videos to bring even the simplest projects to life.

✔ Examples of using animated characters with transparent backgrounds over videos. This powerful video technique is only limited by your imagination and PowerPoint does this better than any other video editing program I've ever tried.

✔ Using props in PowerPoint to customize characters. King Tuts even includes a bonus FREE PowerPoint download with lots of props ready for you to use.

✔ The very best free and paid resources for characters and mascots, including demos of animated characters I made myself specifically for PowerPoint. (These aren't included in King Tuts, but the demos will definately help stimulate your imagination.)

08-Marketing by Repurposing - One of the most powerful benefits of using PowerPoint is its ability to export presentations in a variety of file types. This opens a number of marketing resources.
✔ What social sites are the most important for adding your videos?
✔ Most recommended document sharing sites (pdfs, etc.).

✔ Essential news and content sharing sites (videos) that can drive real viewers to your videos in masses.

✔ Convert your audio voice-over content into a podcast.

✔ Highly suggested infographics directories.

09-Story Boards And Scripts - Tips for writing scripts and creating storyboards.
✔ Included is a free storyboard pdf template helps you create an outline for your videos. Just print it out, fill it in, and you're good to go.

✔ Learn the basic formula for the most effective explainer videos ever.

✔ View explainer video examples.

✔ Suggestions for maing interesting "How To" videos.

✔ Use these simple but ingenious tricks to increase YouTube "viewer engagement". Viewer engagement is one of the most important factors Youtube uses to rank videos. Follow these tips help ensure people watch your videos.

10-End Cards - What are they? Why do you need them? How do you make them?

End cards are also called end slates and outros (and intros). End cards are one of the most potent YouTube marketing strategies there is, but hardly anyone is using them, not even video marketers. DON'T BE THAT PERSON!
✔ End cards are used for YouTube videos to get your viewers to take specific actions, such as click a link to your site, subscribe to your YouTube channel, etc. You want to make it as obvious and as easy for your viewers to do what you want. Here's how.

✔ You'll see a wide variety of end card examples and learn how to create end cards using PowerPoint.

✔ Discover the only social "call to action" for YouTube you really need, and why.

✔ Plus, you'll uncover lots more tips for getting most value out of your end cards.

11-Ideas - Tons and Tons of Ideas and Suggestions for Making Videos.

✔ Lots of ideas for making "how to" videos.

✔ Tons of ideas for making "how to" videos.

✔ A plethora of ideas for making "how to" videos.

PowerPoint King Tuts makes video creation
fast, easy, fun and profitable!

PowerPoint King Tuts
No risk.
Full 30 day money back guarantee.

Fair Warning: I reserve the right to increase the price
or end this offer at any time.

  • PowerPoint 2013, although most of the King Tuts info will work with PowerPoint 2010 too.
  • YouTube account(s) recommended.
  • Ability to download and unzip files.
  • Have a web browser. King Tuts are formatted using HTML pages. It's like having a website on your own computer.

NOTE: I use HTML for King Tuts instead of the "typical" PDFs because HTML let's me embed the videos directly into the pages. PDF makes you click away from the file to view a video. Plus, HTML is much better for linking.

Thanks and take care,

Kurt Melvin

PowerPoint King Tuts
"It's good to be the king."
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