Face To Face is a collection of animated "faces" you can add to clip art to make your videos talk:

Click below to watch this short 2 minute video to check 'em out...

Not only are you getting "speaking" faces to make clipart come alive, you're also getting an assortment of pairs of eyes, single eyes and mouths, to give you complete control over making clipart come alive.

You need flexibility to create your own characters. For example, let's say you want a talking cartoon fish. Most images of fish are of a profile or just one side. In this case you probably should only use one eye.

Another issue is that all faces aren't the same shape or proportion. For these images you can use separate mouths and sets of eyes to help you achieve the best possible placement.

Plus having separate sets of blinking eyes and mouths that speak also lets you mix and match them to create even more combinations.

The Face To Face Character Kit Brings Life to Your Videos
People Love Cartoon Characters
Simple Animated Characters Bring Motion To Your Videos

The Ultimate Character Kit Makes Creating Characters Fast, Easy and FUN!

I've also put together a ton of public domain clipart images from sites like Pixabay and Clker that work perfectly with your Face To Face animations that let you create all sorts of unique and attention grabbing characters.

I modified many of the images to work with your Face To Face animations so you don't have to hassle with this to make them as easy to work with as possible.

For example, I found a bunch of cartoon "faces" and removed their facial features so you can easily add your Face To Face animations to create a huge assortment of custom characters that talk and have eyes that blink.

Watch this very short 29 second video to see what I mean:

Your Face To Face animation collection includes:
41 animated "speaking" faces each with animated GIFs and static PNG versions for 82 total images.
24 animated "speaking" mouths with animated GIFs and static PNG versions for 48 total images.

25 animated non-speaking mounts in GIF format.
36 pairs of animated eyes: male, female and neutral, in GIF format.

17 animated single eyes also male, female and neutral, in GIF format.

But That's Not All!

You're also getting a HUGE collection of custom clipart to use with your Face To Face animations to make your own animated characters and mascots.
  • Over 160 people and faces clipart images for you to customize and turn into animated characters.

  • Food and Drink - 124 images including fruits and vegetables, hamburgers, beer mugs, milk cartons and lots more let you be ultra-creative with your character creations.

  • Misc images - 348 images. This collection includes things like clouds, balloons, cars, planes, and many more...just add your Face To Face animations to make them come alive.

Plus...you're getting a wide variety of CARTOON ANIMALS included for you
to create even more unique animated characters and mascots:

Aliens and Monsters - 70 images including ghosts, robots, skulls, and more.

Birds - 37 images including penguins, owls, ravens, chickens and more.

Bugs - 21 bugs including bees, worms, snails, etc.

Cats - 46 cats including house cats, lions, leopards and tigers.
Dogs - 47 canine friends.

Assorted Mammals - 84 images bears, monkeys, elephants, sheep, pigs and lots more.

Reptiles and Dinosaurs - 34 images, including snakes, frogs, lizards, gators and dinosaurs.

Sea Creatures - 30 images, including fish, dolphins, whales, and more.

Here's a quick video showing a few more examples of using Face To Face animations along with just a few of the graphics included in your Character Kit:

Makes Living Characters That Don't Speak Too!

You don't need to use the talking Speak Easies. You can use a combination of animated and static eyes and mouths to make a dramatic impact in your videos.

This short video below shows how much better just adding Speak Easies' eyes, and sometimes mouths, that don't "talk" makes clipart look in your videos.

The image on the left is untouched clipart from Pixabay. On the right are modified images with Face To Face animations using eyes and a few of the examples are using non-speaking mouths.

Sure, clipart is good for many uses, like on the web or in ebooks. However, when using images in video it's far more effective to have motion. Isn't that the point of video?

Face To Face animations make it extremely easy
to make your clipart come to life!

Customize your clipart characters even more with:

Accessories - 103 items including scarves, bandanas, necklaces, neckties and more.

Hats - 99 images.

Static Eyes - 49 still images to choose from, in addition to your animated Face To Face eyes.

Static Mouths and Lips - 118 still images to choose from, in addition to your Face To Face animated GIF mouths.
Hair Beards and Mustaches - 186 styles of hair, beards and mustaches in a variety of colors to select.

Hands - 45 illustrated hands.

Eye Glasses - 46

Speech Bubbles - 45

Eyebrows - 32 images in a variety of styles and colors. In pairs and singles.

Have your own clipart? Use Face To Face animations to make your own images come to life. With all the clipart and images available on the web, your possibilities and truly unlimited!

Here's a quick recap of everything you're getting:

41 Animated "Speaking" Faces + 41 Static PNGs
25 Animated Non-speaking Mouths GIFs
17 Animated Single Eyes GIFs
160+ People And Faces
124 Food And Drink
348 Misc Images
70 Aliens And Monsters
37 Birds
21 Bugs
46 Cats
47 Dogs
84 Assorted Mammals
30 Sea Creatures
24 Animated "Speaking" Mouths + 24 Static PNGs
36 Pairs Of Animated Eyes GIFs
34 Reptiles And Dinosaurs
103 Accessories
99 Hats
49 Static Eyes
32 Eyebrows
118 Static Mouths And Lips
186 Hair, Beards And Mustaches
45 Hands
46 Eye Glasses
45 Speech Bubbles

(Note: The exact numbers above may be off either way by 1 or 2 and are approximate.)

Get it all. No upsells, downsells or other BS.

Personal Rights

Developer Rights
Face To Face Animated Character
                              Creation Kit
Face To Face Animated Character
                              Creation - Developer

Use in as many of your own projects as you want.
Use in as many of your own projects and your clients' projects as you want.
You must include your characters in a project and may not sell them individually.
Immediate download

Face To Face will work with any program that supports transparent animated gifs, but I really recommend using them with PowerPoint. PowerPoint has a FREE 30 day trial, then is only $6.95 a month, so you can earn money before you spend a little bit of money.

PowerPoint is by far my favorite program for creating marketing videos and has many powerful features in addition to working great with the Face To Face collection.

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