This is the ULTIMATE resource for marketing information and opportunities you’ll find anywhere. I’ve put together the biggest, baddest, easiest and free-est Internet Marketing resource ever…just for you.

This is easy and will only take a few minutes, even if you’re brand new to RSS. You’re going to learn how you can follow over 75 of the very best marketing blogs, why you need to, and how to do it in just a couple of minutes.

You’ll be able to automatically track whenever any of the 75 blogs are updated, without having to manually visit each and every one, all from a single convenient place.

And your email box will thank you because it will be far less cluttered with spam and every “early bird” special you probably get constantly from all those email lists that promised great information.

I’ve hand-picked the very best blogs relating to Internet marketing and put them all together in a single file so you can have access to all of them too. And once you set this up, you’ll know whenever one of the 60+ blogs add a new post. This means you’ll constantly be getting the freshest content from the best marketing bloggers on the Net.

I spent years collecting the list of best bloggers, then two full days adding the RSS feeds to this collection. You’ll be able to take advantage of this wealth of information in just a couple of minutes.

Quick Start – Experienced with RSS?

If you need help getting started with RSS keep reading this page. It’s easy and super beneficial.

If you already know about RSS and have a reader:

Just download this OPML file:
Download Kurt’s Ultimate List of Marketing Blog to Follow OPML file here.

Unzip !

Upload/import !KurtsUltimateBlogList.xml to your RSS reader and instantly follow 75+ of the best marketing blogs on the Net.

By exploiting my Big and Bad Gold Medal Winning Blog List you’re getting easy access to the highest quality, ever-updating information about:

Email Marketing
Social Marketing
Video Marketing
Traffic Generation
Content Marketing
Generating Revenue
Web Graphics
Affiliate Marketing
Product Creation
CPA Offers
Wordpress Tips
Content Creation
Pay Per Click
Web Design

It’s 100% free! No Costs. No Email Address Needed.

Why should you take a few minutes to check this out? Because you’ll discover loads and loads of the best information from the very best marketing blog writers I could find on the Net.

Affiliate Marketing Blog
American Writers
Be A Better Blogger
BizSugar Hot Topics
Conversation Marketing from Portent
Convince and Convert
Copywriting by Copy Hackers
Domain Name Wire
Duct Tape Marketing
Finch Sells
GetResponse Blog – Email Marketing Tips
Goins Writer
Graphic Design Junction
Grow and Convert
Heidi Cohen
HubSpot Marketing Blog
Inet Solutions
Internet Marketing Ninjas
John Doherty
Jon Loomer Digital
Kim Garst Boom Social
Kim Roach’s
Kurt Melvin’s Wonder Blog
MailChimp Email Marketing Blog
Marketing Experiments Blog
Marketing Insider Group
Marketing Sherpa Blog
Matthew Woodward
Maximize Social Business
Melyssa Griffin
Niche Hacks
Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik
Online Marketing Blog – TopRank
PPC Hero
Post Planner Blog
Quick Sprout
Return Path
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Blog
Search Engine Roundtable
SE Watch – Content
SE Watch – Local SEO
SE Watch – SEO
SE Watch – Social Marketing
Seer Interactive
Seth Godin’s Blog
Social Media Examiner
Social Times
Sprout Social
Sugarrae – Rae Hoffman
The Daily Egg
The Moz Blog
Traffic Generation Cafe
Vertical Response Blog
WP Beginner

Update June 2, 2016: I’ve added over a dozen more great resources to the list, including:

Small Business Trends, Smart Blogger, Envato Tuts+ Tutorials, Project Life Mastery, Digital Information World, UK Linkology, Think with Google, Digital Marketer, Curatti,, Process Street, Pixel Buddha, Coffee With Allan Cockerill, Feed,


Update June 11, 2016 – I stumbled on a new source of quality IM blogs. Here’s more than 30 additional resources, maybe the best collection of the bunch.


WordPress News, Search Engine Guide , Blog Marketing Academy, ViperChill, Famous Bloggers, Adland, Weekly Search Engine Optimization SEO News,, Andrew Hansen’s Blog, CircleID, Affiliate Marketing with Missy Ward, 5 Star Affiliate Blog, Viral Viral Videos, The Ad Contrarian, Video Editing Software Tips, Volume Nine, SEO 5 Consulting, Digital Marketing Agency, 2 Create a Website Blog, Internet Marketing Muscle, Liz Lockard Marketing Consulting, Big Thinking Online, Vick Strizheus, Velocity Local, The Inbound Growth Blog,,, Lorelle on WordPress, SEO Book, Search Engine Journal, Affiliate Marketing Geno Prussakov, ROI Factor Blog, copyranter, Inbound Marketing Blog, The IMPACT Blog,, Disruptive Advertising, ReelnReel, AdEspresso, Godot Media, Bruce Clay, BloggingPro, No Passive Income, Daily Blog Tips, Conversion Sciences, AdNgin, Performancing, Guild of Bloggers, FAQ Tube, Elementary Digital,, Brent Jones Online, Sprout24, Tractus, Web Marketing Pros, Video Made Easy, The Searcher’s List, Wolf Millionaire Blog, SideqikSideqik, Unveil the Web, Web Traffic Lounge,, freelance – Google News,


This file contains just the newest additions added on June 11 2016:


This file has all three collections of IM blog resources:!

This is a Marketing Gold Mine

In addition to the wealth of the highest quality information available, there’s also some serious marketing potential for SMART people that want to get traffic to their own sites, as well as communicate and connect with some of the biggest influencers in the online marketing industry.

These are blogs that were hand-picked by me to make sure they allow comments on their posts. Sure, you can create a few solid links back to your own site. But that really shouldn’t be your focus. Instead, participate in the discussion. Show other readers of the post your knowledge, your good attitude and a willingness to help.

By using the RSS system I’ve set up for you, you’ll be among the first to be notified when a new post is made on any of these popular blogs. This gives you the best opportunity for you to be one of the first people to comment on the post, giving your comments the best chance for being read, seen, and even responded to by the blog owner. This is a tremendous opportunity.

Getting in the good favor of popular bloggers is one of the single, most beneficial marketing strategies you can pursue. They can help you with the promotion of your own products, get you invited to blog round-ups and blog “carnivals” with other big names, give you an opportunity to have guest posts published on high traffic, high authority blogs, and a lot more.

But…you have to give BEFORE any of these things will happen. And it will likely take a concerted effort over time on your part. Networking with people that are already successful is maybe the most important marketing strategy there is, and one I wish I would have focused more on when I was first starting out.


Do’s and Don’ts of Blog Commenting for Exposure And Networking

Do use a polite greeting in your comments, whether they are directed at the author of the blog post or another commenter. Spell their name correctly and use “Hi Kurt”, or “Hello Kurt, or some variation of “hi and “hello”. My name isn’t “Curt” or “Kirk”. If you don’t seem to care enough to get the name right, what else don’t you care about?

Do give real compliments about the content in a post, but don’t be a brown noser. If you can’t find something you can honestly compliment in a post, simply find another post that you can give a compliment.

Do some background research. For each blog owner, find their twitter accounts, FaceBook timeline as well as any fan pages they may have. You need to be connected to them on Facebook in order to tag them. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and FaceBook and like any fan pages they have.

Do the owner or author of the post a favor. One great tip to get the attention of influencers on their blogs is to include in your comment that you liked the post and are going to share it on your social media accounts. Then actually share the post on your social media accounts. Be sure to include an “@mention” on Twitter when you tweet their post as this will get their attention and they can see you really did tweet for them. On Facebook, tag them and or their fan page. Yes, you can tag a fan page too. Again, this helps you connect with the influencer again and let them know you’re helping them out.

Don’t use their hard work for you just to add links to your site in your comments. You’ll only irritate them and likely get your comment deleted. Remember, their blog is their personal property, not some random resource for you to exploit. Show respect to get respect. You’ll get far greater benefits by being respectful and helpful with an authority blogger than you ever will from a link in their comments.

Do realize that the vast majority of readers of your comments are fans of the blog owner. Insulting or being disrespectful of the blog owner will probably cause other readers to have the same feelings towards you. You want other readers to like you enough so they will check out your profile listed in the comments, then check out what you have to offer.

Do add additional, relevant information and resources in your comment that enhances the blog post. Don’t simply repeat what’s already been said in the post or in other comments. When I post a list of links to resources, I greatly appreciate it if other folks add to the list.

Do check the spelling and basic grammar check your comments. The better your writing, the more likely you may be asked for a guest post, etc.

Do read the entire post before commenting. There’s nothing worse than looking ignorant about something that was already covered in the post.

Don’t use keywords as your name. Commenting isn’t about SEO relevance, it’s about networking and exposure.

Don’t ramble on and on…and on. Make your comments short and to the point.


Once You Go RSS You’ll Never Go Back

Don’t be intimidated by RSS. It’s the easiest and best way to keep up with your favorite blogs. Using an RSS “reader” helps you organize your information and tells you when a blog has a new post, without you having to visit each and every blog to check if anything new has been added.

Using the info on this page s is a great way to get started with RSS. Plus, you’re not limited to using RSS for just marketing information. You can add your own blogs to follow. Maybe you’re into sports, health related issues, fashion, cooking. Why not follow your favorite blogs all from a single place?

The list of the excellent marketing blogs I have on this page works with any RSS reader that can import OPML files, which is pretty much any decent RSS reader. An OPML is just a simple file that uses a specific format to list a bunch of RSS feeds so they can easily be imported and exported by RSS readers. This OPML file is one I put together for you of over 50 of the best marketing related blogs I could find to make it easy for you to have a collection of great marketing resources without the hassles of finding and adding them one-by-one.

If you’re curious, after you unzip it, you can use any text editor like Notepad to open the OPML file and take a peek.

  1. Just download this OPML file:
    Download Kurt’s Ultimate List of Marketing Blog to Follow OPML file here.
  2. Unzip !
  3. Upload/import !KurtsUltimateBlogList.xml to your RSS reader and instantly follow 75+ of the best marketing blogs on the Net:


Get An RSS Reader

There’s a number of free RSS readers. There’s online readers and software programs you can download for Mac, WIN and Linux.

I prefer online RSS readers because I always have my web browser open anyway and don’t like the hassle of having to open another program. If you don’t already have a favorite you’re using, I use and recommend the online RSS reader FeedReader. It’s free, easy to use and has everything you need.

FeedReader Online

Sign up for a free FeedReader here.

Import/Upload The OPML file In FeedReader

  1. Click “Settings” towards the bottom of the left column.
  2. – Browse to the OPML file you downloaded and unzipped just above.
  3. Click Import

Digg Reader

Digg also offers a good, free online RSS reader.

Go to Digg Reader here and create an account. When you first go to your Digg Reader account, you will be given instructions how to upload the OPML file.

If you already have a Digg Reader account, you can add the OPML file:

  1. Click the gear icon in the top/right of the page.
  2. When a little popup opens, click the Setting link.
  3. You’ll be taken to your setting page.
  4. Scroll down almost to the bottom until you find: Import  Upload an OPML file or Google Takeout data – Then click the “Import” button
  5. Click “Upload your data” button
  6. Navigate to the OPML file and select it.


FlowReader is another good online RSS reader and also includes your Twitter and Facebook timeline feeds,  and can integrate FlowReader with Buffer and Tumblr. Just upload the unzipped !KurtsUltimateBlogList.xml OPML file and you should be good to go.

Some more suggestions how you’ll benefit from all the fantastic resources included in your OPML file:

  1. Get ideas for creating your own content.
  2. Use the titles of their blog posts as inspiration for your email subject lines.
  3. Uncover the best shareable content for your social media accounts in a snap
  4. Everything is conveniently organized “all in one place” for you.
  5. Eliminates the clutter and spam in your email box
  6. Saves you time. It took me hours to add all these great resources,  not counting the time it took me to come up with the list of bloggers.
  7. Customize and add your own favorites any time you want to create your own personalized marketing collection of favorite resources.
  8. Never miss out on a great new post ever again.

Download my Gold Medal Winning Blog List Here

1.  Just download this OPML file:
Download Kurt’s Ultimate List of Marketing Blog to Follow OPML file here.

2. Unzip !

3. Upload/import !KurtsUltimateBlogList.xml to your RSS reader and instantly follow 65 of the best marketing blogs on the Net.

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