My Four Essential Video Editors for People on a Budget

“On a budget” means you have some money to spend, but need to keep your costs as low as possible.

I picked the 4 programs below because they compliment each other well, having features and abilities that don’t over-lap and as a group provide the most bang for the buck.

PowerPoint 2013

If I could have only one program to create videos, it would be PowerPoint 2013. PPT 2013 directly exports as both WMV and MP4 videos.

There’s lots and lots of media resources available for it.

PPT is only $7 or $10 a month, with the first month free. You can also buy it for a one time fee.

Serif MoviePlus 6.

I have a number of similar video editors, but they were pretty old and out of date. For example, I own a very old version of Sony Vegas. It’s a good program, but the maximum size video it will render is something like 720×480, just not good enough in today’s video world.

Here’s the scoop…MoviePlus normally sells for $80, but you can get it for $19.95 (like I did) if you’re patient. Download the free version of MoviePlus and you’ll be added to Serif’s mailing list. Then every so often, they’ll email you a special offer for their software, including MoviePlus.

Use the free version until you get a special offer to buy the full version for $19.99. The free version has some decent features of its own such as green screen capability and will give you a chance to learn the basics until you advance to the full version.

MoviePlus has a number of features and compares well with video editors such as Corel and Vegas Studio. At $80, it really isn’t such a good deal. But if you are patient and willing to wait until you get the $19.95 special, it’s an excellent value.

One note: The $19.95 special isn’t an instant download. They’ll snail-mail a DVD plus a 200 page booklet. I got mine in less than a week.

Serif MoviePlus Free Edition:


Explaindio 2.0 is due out soon and I’m not sure of the price, but believe the “Pro” version will be $47 per year.

Where Explaindio really excels is with kinetic text, which is the fancy animated text. The great thing about kinetic text is that you can use it is virtually any and all niches.

I like to use Explaindio to create a couple of “scenes”, then import those video scenes into PowerPoint.

Explaindio is a very good compliment to Powerpoint and vice versa. What one program doesn’t do well, generally the other will.

Explaindio (affiliate link)

Screen Capture

If you’re going to do any sort of training videos that demonstrate things you do on your computer, you’ll need screen capture software.

Camtasia is a great screen capture program and has very good editing features as well.

However, it’s $300. If you can afford $300, go for it. If you’re on a budget, there’s an alternative.

Unlike many other folks that recommend software based on one or two programs that they’ve tried, I’ve checked out about a dozen free and cheap screen capture programs.

ActivePresenter is the best free screen capture software I’ve tried out of the dozen and also has some good editing features of its own. Be sure to check the terms for the free version of ActivePresenter to see if it’s a fit for your needs.

ActivePresenter isn’t as “slick” as Camtasia and has a higher learning curve. But if you’re on a budget, saving $300 is a big deal and it’s a powerful option.

Camtasia (free 30 day trial – Then $300)

ActivePresenter (has free version)

Note that just about every major video editing software (that isn’t promoted by Internet marketers) offers a free trial. In theory, you can use one free trial after another for quite a while and not have to pay money.

However, you will pay with your time by having to download, install and learn each new video editing program. But it is an option if you’re on a strict budget or what to try out some video editors to see which you like best.


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