Here’s a couple of great video slideshow makers from the same site/company Sparkol.

Sparkol is a cool and easy to use slideshow maker that creates very artistic looking presentations.

Sparkol is much easier to use than PowerPoint or OpenOffice and even lets you “print” the presentations as PDF files. This feature opens up some great marketing and linking opportunities using the various document sharing sites.

Sparkol comes in Mac, Windows flavors and also has an online presenation maker and has both a free and paid verions.

The paid version gives you access to more templates and each month Sparkol releases two new new templates each month to paying customers. It also gives you some additional features…but more importantly, the paid version allows you to use your presentations liberally.

This video gives you a quick intro to Sparkol:


However, the biggest reason to get the paid version is the access to the Video Scribe program. Video Scribe makes, you guessed it, “video scribe” videos. :)

It’s easier for me to show you a video scribe video that to tell you what it is:

Video Scribe makes it really easy to create videos like the one you see above. It comes with a good selection of clipart that it will “draw by hand”, as well as a collection of audio loops.

You can export as .mov files to upload to Youtube, etc. However, I use Camstasia to convert the .mov files to mp4 files because they are much smaller.

This video gives a quick tour of how to use Video Scribe. You can see how it’s both easy and powerful at the same time:

The Pro version of Sparkol is only £14.40, a month, which was about about $22 USD when I first subscribed.

IMO, the weaness of Sparkol and Video Scribe is the lack of training materials. They have a few videos to get you started, but could/should go into more detail. On the other hand, the tools are easy enough that after watching their videos, you can probably figure out most of the stuff on your own, as both programs are very easy to use.

If you’re doing plain ol’ black and white slideshows for video reviews, you’re looking to get banned. I always say, “If it looks like spam, it probably is spam”.

You can download and use the free version of Sparkol to make review slideshows that look great, and not like spam. And for about $22 USD (at this time), you can really get tons of power to create videos for Youtube, fantastic looking sales videos and much more. Sparkol also has a very good discount if you subscribe for a year.

If you do any kind of videos, or are even thinking about it, at least check out the free version of Sparkol, and consider the Pro version if you want more power and a professional usage license.

Both Sparkol and Video Scribe have very quickly become two of my favorite programs. They are fun to use and they give great results.


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