Explaindio 2 is coming out soon and many of the videos I’ve created won’t work in the Explaindio Version 2. Explaindio is very picky about the videos it will work with.

So, instead of sending everyone with the old videos I created, I thought it would be better if you learned how to convert the videos yourself. The reason is, you’ll probably want to work with videos I didn’t create too.

Being able to convert videos into different formats with different properties is really an essential skill for all video makers.

The “how to convert” tutorial below converts MP4 videos to MP4 videos with other properties. But you can use converters to convert to and from many different formats.

For the “how to” video below, I used a free program called Freemake. There’s a number of other free converters on the market. You will need to convert any videos used in Explaindio 2 to these settings only: 24 fps (frames per second) H.264 (codexc)

Freemake Video Converter

When you run the installer, be sure to click the “Custom Install” on each screen when presented and DESELCT the additional options. If you don’t, the installer will change your default browser settings and add some other stuff you may not want.

The video is quick and short, under 3 minutes. If you don’t know how to convert videos, check it out here:

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