Here’s some methods and tools I use for finding keywords to use in Youtube video tags, titles and descriptions.

One method I use is to find the most popular keywords and tags used either on “related” videos on a popular video’s view page or in the YT SERPs.

Being listed as a “related” video on popular video view pages is the NUMBER ONE way to get views to your own videos and is probably the Youtube marketing strategy that’s the most under-used.

To be listed as a “related” video your video needs to be relevant to that video, so it makes sense to use the most widely used keywords the other related videos use.

Also, viewer retention seems to play a big part in being listed as a related video. In other words, you need to use the same keywords and have a video people like to watch in order to be listed as a related video on a popular video view page.

Video Tutorial:
Here’s a video I made showing how you can discover the most popular keywords and tags used across multiple videos, either related videos or the top ranked videos for any given Youtube search.

In this video above I use Scrapebox to collect the titles, descriptions and tags, but you can also use Screaming Frog which is free.

Link Gopher
Link Gopher is a free FireFox plugin used in the video above to extract all the URLs on a web page.

Screaming Frog SEO Software
The free version will work for this method outlined in my video above instead of paying for Scrapebox. Use Screaming Frog to scrape the titles and meta tags from a list of Youtube video URLs.

This is the site in the video that calcuates the most used words and phrases.

VidIQ is a Chrome browser plugin with a free version that has a number of useful features including giving you the ability to copy the tags from popular videos.

Tube Buddy 
I just got  Tube Buddy “Pro” version and it has some excellent tag features. The free version of Tube Buddy has some decent tag features that you can check out.

YouTube Tag “Jack Hack” Trick
A kind of “sneaky” trick is to look for unique tags and “borrow” them. Some YT marketing gurus suggest creating a one-of-a-kind word or phrase and use it as a tag in all of your other videos. This technique is used so your own channel videos show up as related videos in the right hand column instead of competitor’s videos.

However, these unique tags can also be “jacked” by others. If you find a popular channel using these unique keywords, you can use the tags on your own videos to appear as related videos on their video view pages.

You can also use the names of popular YT channels as keywords for tags, titles and descriptions. I like to do this in a “friendly” way by making a video “response” to a popular video. Being friendly means complimenting and linking to the popular video.

For example, make a video about the same topic of a popular video, then thank the channel owner in your own video and by giving a link to their video and/or channel in your description, using the channel name as a keyword in your title, tags and descriptions.

This is a legit way to use someone else’s channel name as keywords/tags and will help you make friends on YT.

Tube Keyword Tuel
I also use my Tube Keyword Tuel software to collect Youtube suggestions and check the competition. Youtube suggestions are based on what people are actually searching for and then checking the competition for each to find the keywords easiest to rank for.

If you haven’t checked out my Tube Keyword Tuel, you can check it out here. This is the BEST Youtube ranking package on the web, I guarantee it.

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