Easiest Way To Rank Videos On YouTube

Here’s a really short post the illustrated a fast and easy strategy for ranking video on Youtube. Below is a video by Brian G. Johnson where he demonstrates his method for finding and using keywords to rank his videos on Youtube: It’s a very good, solid...

Expert Youtube Keyword Tips and Tools

Here’s some methods and tools I use for finding keywords to use in Youtube video tags, titles and descriptions. One method I use is to find the most popular keywords and tags used either on “related” videos on a popular video’s view page or in...
How To Make More Money Using Adsense

How To Make More Money Using Adsense

You may have read about Adsense keywords that pay $100 a click and more. Maybe in theory. The reality is, those bids are the highest ever recorded for the keywords and are what Google charges advertisers for ads shown on Google. Adsense ads hosted on web...
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