DP Animation Maker

The first couple of clips in the video above were made using DP Animation Maker. It’s a great piece of software that can add all sorts of animations to static images. DP Animation Maker is $37.77.

In the first clip with the coffee mug, I added an animated “smoke” effect to add steam to the coffee cup along with an animated call to action in PowerPoint.

The second clip uses an photo of a field from Pixabay for the background. Then using DPAM I added a subtle sun ray animation, animated grass in the bottom foreground and some animated butterflies to give what would be a static image more visual appeal.

The third clip has a stormy background photo from Pixabay and a couple of lightning animations from DPAM.

The fourth clip uses a wood background from Pixabay and DPAM’s Through Space Particle System animation. I substituted an image of a heart for the particles to create this effect.

There’s many MANY more animations you can add to your Print on Demand (and other product) video ads to make them really stand out.

Note: I’m NOT an affiliate for DPAM. I’m just a happy customer and use it myself.

https://www.presentermedia.com/CXAWQIRJMG  <= Get $10 off.

The last two clips use two animated characters that point at the tee shirt are from PresenterMedia. The animated image of the present with hearts is also from PresenterMedia.

PresenterMedia has a massive variety of animations that make it easy to add movement to otherwise static images to make them more visually interesting and help keep viewer attention.

PresenterMedia also offers a number of quality animated PowerPoint templates, clipart and background videos that are great to use to create ads for your products. I use and recommend PresenterMedia for all kinds of projects.

Use my “refer a friend” link and you’ll get $10 off the low yearly membership cost and I get a free month membership. Note: I’d make more joining their affiliate program and using that link, but then you wouldn’t get $10 off.

These two resources are great to use with my “YouTube Music Videos for Fun and Profit” tips, tricks and training.


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